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   Buy the kit, solder it and make music.


Build an Analog Delay

Uses PT2399 Bucket Brigade Chip



 Synthrotek Atari Punk Console Kit

You be surprised at the number of tones you can get with




Moog Werkstatt Kit

Includes legendary Moog filter.  Patchable. 

No soldering needed.


Sparkpunk Sound + Sequencer Kit

Designed by Sparkfun




Drum Synthesizer KIT

DS-7/Synare Style Drum Pad with Synth Knobs

Design Updated for 2017 by Helensson.  Analog 100%.


Voice of Saturn Synthesizer Kit

Designed by Synthrotek


DIY Delay Pedal

Guitarra, Designed by TTONE

Analog Bucket Brigade chip (PT2399)



DIY Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Kit

Designed by TTONE

Analog 100%



DIY Synth Kit for Kids

Designed by "Technology Will Save Us"



Add MIDI and Piezos to an Arduino

Olimex's Shield-MIDI

Receive and send MIDI.   Includes 5 piezo sensors, ideal for drums projects.



Add MIDI to an Arduino

Olimex's Shield-MIDI

Receive and send MIDI.  


Customizable MIDI Controller

Comes Pre-Assembled.  Doesn't require an Arduino

Designed by Spikenzie Labs in Canada



Audio Amplifier Kit

Loudest, simplest-to-solder stereo amplifier kit

Excellent starter project.

30 Watts





Intermediate Audio Amplifier Kits

Intermediate skill level




About US?  No actually, about YOU!


I want to help you get to the next step in your musical projects. 

Are you looking to get experience making a basic instrument in a short time?

Would you like to try a project to save money or see what is possible?

Are you a seasoned designer looking to create fresh formulations for your clients?

I have worked with instrument builders in many live workshops, taught them to solder, glue, tune, play and decorate musical instruments.  I've helped numerous people get their ideas into electronic and digital form.  

Now, I run this website (and because so many people ask me how to get started and "What parts do I need to do X?"  I would really enjoy chatting with you, to get you through your next step.

So please feel free to browse through the shelves and if you have questions, fire them off to me through the contact form.

These are some of the main projects that I think people will use:

This page has an actual reverb circuit you solder together yourself. You'll pick up many useful techniques along the way.

Other pages feature Theremin kits and guitar pedal kits

There are also fun kits for acoustic instruments like ukeleles and dulcimers, too!

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