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Sale on Moog Werkstatt and CV Expander!





New!  Analog Drum Synthesizer Kit!


     A dynamically-triggered electronic drum voice you can solder together and make music with in the same afternoon!  5 knobs adjust pitch, decay time, etc.  Make drum sounds, bleeps, etc.  Easy-to-solder: all through hole components, no SMD.  More synthesizer kits under Synthesizers.




Easy-to-Build Audio Amplifer Kits

A customer recently requested me to select a project for a first-time audio amplifier builder!

This is the best, simple-to-solder stereo amplifier kit, with about 30 Watts total power:



  You might like these others, too:   


Check out high-powered amplifiers in the Amplifers section.  -Noah



When we repair or make our own items there are obvious benefits such as money we didn't have to shell out to repairmen or skilled artisans, but there are also many hidden benefits such as transferable skills, inspiring your children to try projects, and self reliance that makes you less apt to panic when things do go wrong.
David Galloway


Anticipation and exhilaration, as a musical instrument designer, is why I enjoy instruments I've built.  It's super fun with other people and in workshops I teach. 

So many people ask me about building the electronic music instruments, I've made -

Hand-curated music and audio projects in:





Organized by skill level.  Just click for ratings and reviews and orders. 


You can also browse electronic instrument kits by:







When you order through here, I put my commissions back into materials for instrument design 

Look around, find other DIY'ers who share experiences sometimes save money :) and create new styles.  Also: Join my mailing list for rare updates.


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