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   Buy the kit, solder it and make music.


Build an Analog Delay

Uses PT2399 Bucket Brigade Chip



 Synthrotek Atari Punk Console Kit




Moog Werkstatt Kit

No actual soldering, just assembling.

Patchable.  Real Moog filter.


Synthrotek Voice of Saturn Synthesizer Kit 



Helensson Synare Sensor -

DS-7 clone drum synthesizer KIT

Updated Design for 2017

Sparkpunk Sound + Sequencer Kit

Designed by Sparkfun



DIY Synth Kit for Kids

Designed by "Technology Will Save Us"



DIY Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Kit


Designed by TTONE




Audio Amplifier Kit

Loudest, simplest-to-solder stereo amplifier kit

Excellent beginning maker project.

30 Watts



Advanced Audio Amplifier Kits

Require advanced skills



If the lessons of history teach us anything
it is that nobody learns the lessons history teaches us.


Anticipation and exhilaration, as a musical instrument designer, is why I enjoy instruments I've built.  It's super fun with other people and in workshops I teach. 

So many people ask me about building the electronic music instruments, I've made -

Hand-curated music and audio projects in:





Organized by skill level.  Just click for ratings and reviews and orders. 


You can also browse electronic instrument kits by:







When you order through here, I put my commissions back into materials for instrument design 

Look around, find other DIY'ers who share experiences sometimes save money :) and create new styles.  Also: Join my mailing list for rare updates.


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